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The new forums!

So hopefully, with these forums people will use them more and actually categorize their posts right. These new forums will be a test, and if people don't like it enough, then we will remove these forums from the wiki. Anyways, what do you guys think of it? Reply to this post and say your opinion(s) about it!

Anyways, my opinions about it are here:


  • It's a real pain to link to certain threads as you see in the URL it has a certain number written name for each thread.
  • You can't sticky posts
  • Most templates don't work
  • Any user can remove a reply.

Supporting factors

  • People, with these new forums will hopefully categorize their threads right
  • People will also automatically sign
  • There's a notification system so you can follow certain threads and it will say when a new reply is made to a thread
  • Admins' can highlight threads so all users recive a notification, which I guess is basically their way of making sticky threads
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Wow..this place is a ghost town <.< So I'm gonna wrangle up some of our staff from the other wiki and ask him what he thinks of it.

Well, forums are certainly nice for fan-based communities (theories, fan-made material, etc.) so the forum has great use here. And about "sticky"...

Yes I agree. A "sticky" is a thread that an admin puts on the forum list thing that shows all users the thread and so it doesn't get bumped down by other threads. The notification thing at the top of the page with these forums are '''completely''' different on how the sticky's work. All you can do is highlight a thread and all users will get a notification about the thread.

So that's what for "highlight". Well, that certainly is a useful function.


I'm glad the new forums are up. I once posted a page in the theory section, and it NEVER showed up. So thanks.


Maybe because you didn't categorize it under Category:Theories (wait doesn't exsits...?)? You have to do that for it to appear. Anyways, you can enable this on Special:WikiFeatures (but do not enable one without another staff members choice first—wars on enabling and disabling wiki features are just like edit wars, which no one wants to get into.) But yeah, you're welcome =D

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