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Staff, editors, etc.

Hi guys. This is our first message from the staff on the wiki, which this will be showing messages from the staff, and it can be from any staff member. Anyways, here I would like to talk about a few things, so please stay with us while reading this, and comment on this thread after reading it and tell us what you think!


Our wiki is very very very very small with the number of editors—don't you think we could use more? That's why I made an template called {{fanon ad}} for use on Ōkami Wiki showing an quote from me saying how much of a ghost town this place is and that will (hopefully) attract more editors, so please put it on your userpage there and we could be a thriving community in no time!


Something that's been bothering me for quite awhile is that we need more active staff here—yes we got about 3 but most work on other projects more; you guys should REALLY pay more attention to this place!

In conclusion

Thanks everybody for reading this, and of course, our first message from the staff is always not gonna have that much content, but I will make the next ones with more content =D

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