Ōkami Nisshoku (大神日食, Ōkami Eclipse) is a sub series of the Ōkami franchise. The spin-off series stars the dark counterparts of the sun gods from the original series. While Dark Chibiterasu made his debut in Ōkamiden, the Ōkami Nisshoku series expanded on his origins and revealed his true name. The first game was titled Ōkami Nisshoku and stared Tsukiterasu, the dark counterpart of Amaterasu. The sequel, Ōkamiden: Nippon Nisshoku (大神伝日食日本, Ōkamiden: Nippon Eclipse) stared Chibitsuki, previously referred to as Dark Chibiterasu. The final game in the series was a prequel titled Ōkami Nisshoku: Ichiwa Ouchou (王朝, "Ouchou", Dynasty) and stared Tsukiyo, the dark version of Shiranui.