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Ōkamiden: Bright Sun is a sequel to Ōkamiden.


  • Amakura: Battles the same way as Kuni - The son of a legendary blacksmith
  • Mina: Battles the same way as Kurow - The young princess of the Ujif Kingdom
  • Kagu: Battles the same way as before
  • Manpuku: Battles the same way as before
  • Neko: Throws darts and has lightning hair - A young girl from the Thundercloud
  • Nussi: Uses celestial brush skills, often defeats with floral finishers - A young Poncle who dreams to go with Issun and be his apprentice as a celestial envoy
  • Yuki: Attacks with a staff and has icy hair - A orphaned girl, living alone in Kamui

Brush GodsEdit

Extra Witty DialogueEdit

  • "Ooiiee!!! Over here!!!! Puppy!!!! Here boy!!!! Ooiiee!!!!!" A child in Sei'an City