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Ōkamiden Shōrai is the sequel to Ōkamiden, made by Capcom. It occurs 5 years after the predecessor game, and is for the Wii U console.

Family ReunionEdit

One month ago, a lone traveler set out on a journey to discover his true parents...




"I was told my parents would be in here..."


"Jeez, how could she be wrong?"





"Son? Psssh. You're lying! I don't know who you are."

"Oh, you don't believe me? Take a look at this."

"Hey... you look familliar..."

"That's because I'm your mother, son."


"Wait... it's coming back to me... you aren't lying! But..."

"But what?"


"Hey, where do you think you're going?"

"Son, come back!"

"He'll come back. It's fated to be so..."

Unfortunate Arrival.Edit

5 years later, a black cloud covers all of Nippon. After this long stretch of peace, the citizens are worried. In Kamiki Village statue of Chibiterasu built next to his mother, Amaterasu, slowly comes to life. But, he is not a child, he is a teenager-wolf Sakuya then prepares to speak to him.

"Dearest Amaterasu, I apologize for this hasty interruption, but we need your help yet again. A new evil has plagued the land, and our only hope is... Huh? Oh, I seem to have summoned the wrong wolf. I am sorry, Chibiterasu. It appears you will have to help us. You see..."

Just when Sakuya is about to explain what is wrong, a strong gust of wind tears the Guardian Sapling off of it's roots, making it float into thin air. Sakuya lets out seven loud screams of pain before fading is flower blossoms. As Chibiterasu steps back in shock at what has just happened, a still living, but slightly weaker Mr. Orange runs to investigate on the screams, but when he finds the Guardian Sapling gone:


"W-Who did this?!"

Shortly after this, the heroic warrior Susano dashes up to Mr. Orange.

Whew! *pant, pant.* For an old man, you sure are- What the?! Where's the Guardian Sapling? And ANOTHER white wolf?"

"When I find out who kidnapped my beloved Guardian Sapling-"

Suddenly, another strong gust of wind blows straight into Mr Orange, sending him all the way to Kushi's Brewery.

"WHOA! What is happening?" Susano said.

Soon after, a third gust of wind blew Susano back, all the way to Kushi's Brewery as well.