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Barricades are one of the Six Divine Instrument classes, and one of the three newer ones. Barricades are huge shields that sit on Amaterasu's back, but during battle she holds them out in front of her. As a main weapon, they block attacks as well as ram into enemies with a spike on the front. They are the only pure-defensive weapons, as Reflectors are only defensive as a Sub-Weapon. As a sub weapon, they act like reflectors and swoop around to strike the enemy. As an Ally Weapon (a new third weapon equipment where the weapon floats around Amaterasu and attacks on its own, as a helper in battle that control is not needed), it floats around and blocks attacks only when no Godhood is present. However, this only blocks frontal attacks, if attacks are from from the side or behind, or if the attack is too powerful, the Barricade won't block it as to avoid being too overpowered (if it could block any and all attacks).


  • Jungle Tree: The first barricade obtained. Capable of attacking in a rapid-fire fashion as a Sub-Weapon. Obtained by defeating Oki.
  • Oina Barricade: A Barricade used for staying alive in the harshness of Yoshpet. Obtained from Tuskle for 80 Demon Fangs.
  • Demonic Purifier: A special Barricade that was used by the chief of the Moon Tribe, Getsu. It was stolen by Yami before his death. No one knows what happened to it afterwards. Obtained for defeating Golden Helm (the optional boss in the Gale Shrine. He looks like Crimson Helm, but rather than Orochi's fire head, he has the lightning head and yellow armor. Also rather than fire coating it's skeleton, it has thunderclouds).
  • Ubume Umbrella" An umbrella used by Ubume. Obtained from the Emperor for 90 Demon Fangs, or from the Wawku Shrine Namahage Merchant for ¥40,000.
  • Desert Owl: The final barricade that acts as a source of sand. Obtained from Sunagami upon acquiring the Sand Tablet.