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Glaives are a type of Divine Instrument that Amaterasu can wield. They are short-ranged, but one of the most powerful Instruments that can be obtained.


Glaives take the appearence of massive blades or swords that levitate over Amaterasu's back, often with moving parts or decorations.


As a main weapon, Glaives attack via a powerful slash. However, by holding down the attack button, one can charge the Glaives attack power to up to five times normal, enabling for massive damage in a single swipe. Glaives have two possible versions of attack as subweapons. The first version is a straight charge, and the second is a upward-swinging slash. Both can be charged.


Ōkami UraEdit

  • Dragon Blade: An ancient blade containing the life force of an ancient dragon. Obtained after defeating Iwojima, the boss of Iwojima Palace.
  • Tao Katana: A Glaive wielded by the most elite members of the Tao Troopers. Obtained after defeating Hachi, the boss of the Tao Training Grounds.
  • Eternity Wave: A Glaive manufactured by the same mysterious race who made the Infinity Judge Reflector. Bought from the Wasture Desert Weapon Peddler for ¥100,000.
  • Tonbogiri: A recently reforged weapon, originally a spear, it is said to be sharp enough to slice a demon in half with a single slice. Awarded for finding all six original pieces and returning them to the blacksmith on Awaii Island.
  • Suiden's Wrath: A Glaive imbued with the power of a long-forgotten ocean god. Bought from the Merchant in Sei'an City post-game for ¥500,000. Also acts as an infinite source of Waterspout.