The staff of Ōkami Central are users who are admins' at atleast one Ōkami Central project. They may have not joined Ōkami Fanon, but they will still be listed here. These users may not have admin or high authority at another Ōkami Central fan site but will still be considered staff of another Ōkami Central wiki even if they don't have admin rights there.

List of Ōkami Central staff

Joined Ōkami Fanon October 13, 2012 Around

Pyrostar (Wall)
Ōkami Fanon Bureaucrat

Joined Ōkami Fanon November 29, 2012
Joined Ōkami Wiki September 2, 2012

Clubchloe1 (Wall)
Ōkami Central Bureaucrat
Ōkami Central Template Manager

Joined Ōkami Wiki April 4, 2012
Joined Ōkami Fanon July 12, 2012

Tormented Sufferer (Wall)
Ōkami Wiki Bureaucrat

Joined Ōkami Wiki December 15, 2012
Joined Ōkami Fanon January 6, 2013

KeldeoBot (Wall)
Ōkami Central Bot
Ōkami Central administrator

Find an Active Ōkami Central staff member to speak too. Note that if their role is not listed on another Ōkami Central project, then they are not joined. If no active Ōkami Central staff member can be found, then consider finding an Around staff member. Note that if a user has on their status before the role "Ōkami Central" then that means the user has the same role at both Ōkami Wiki and Ōkami Fanon.

  • Active means they are currently around on the wiki, edits often and checks it often
  • Around means the user is around, but doesn't check back here often because they are working on other Ōkami Central projects or due to something occurring in real life
  • Unknown means it is unknown of the status of the user
  • Bot means the user is a bot, and is treated as an automated process. Bots will have a user running the bot, and it will be noted on their userpage that they are a bot, and the user running it.
  • Probation means they are banned from admin status until otherwise
  • Hiatus means they are not active on the wiki, but will return later
  • Inactive means they are not active anymore and may not for a very long time


Even if an Ōkami Wiki user is an staff member at Ōkami Wiki only, they will still be considered staff here too. Most of the time, users who are staff at Ōkami Wiki when they join will be promoted to admin status here too by an bureaucrat. Users who are staff at another Ōkami Central wiki even if they are not admin level here can enforce an block if they are in an conversation with an user who can block other users.

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