The rollbackers of Ōkami Fanon are users who have been trusted with the rollback feature. They are users who the Staff think they need the rollback tool to revert edits easier - most notably for their timing on reverting edits of vandals.

List of rollbackersEdit

There is currently 0 rollbackers, however, if needed requests for rights can be considered if a large amount of vandalism is in need of reverting.


Rollbackers are trusted users to instantly revert edits of vandals if they find one on the recent changes. They can give warning messages to other users, but they must ask an admin first before doing so.

Becoming an rollbackerEdit

For a user to become an rollbacker, it must be an situation where an large amount of vandalism is in need of reverting, then rights can be considered. Users who can remove and give rollback status are bureaucrats.

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