Welcome to the Ōkami Fanon administrator home!

This page is for the admins' to look over the important stuff being an admin.

Useful special pages

Your new abilities as an admin

You are able to now:

  • Delete and restore pages, aswell as view deleted pages histories
  • Protect pages
  • Block users and IP addresses
  • Have the "rollback" status automatically; rollback lets you revert edits instantly
  • Edit any page (including this page, and the main page.)
  • Edit your userpage(s) freely (admins' get free edits)


Bureaucrats, in addition to the above abilities, are able to promote other users to admin and bureaucrat status.

Help pages

Confused on how to use your power? Well, see Help:Administrators' how-to guide for how to. Want to know what powers you have as an admin? See Special:ListGroupRights.

Admin advice

  • NEVER use the Wiki activity for a source of the most recent changes - seriously, it doesn't show minor edits, doesn't show edits in all namespaces, doesn't have an option to show more changes, and doesn't group changes.
  • Remember to check the requests for deletion frequently.
  • Remember to check the Recent changes often.


  • Think about these before promting anyone:
    • Is the user trustworthy with the power?
    • Is the user active?
    • Have they made a decent amount of edits?
    • Have you noticed them for their contributions?
    • Do they edit in good faith?

Things to remember as an admin

  • Being an admin here at Ōkami Fanon is basically a job - which your job here is to help others and keep the wiki clean of vandals, spam, malicious edits, and many other tasks.

Recent Changes

A list of the most recent changes here for convince; see Special:RecentChanges for the full activity feed.

Help with the recent changes


The Recent changes host all of the changes made to the wiki, and is a very good source for admins' to look over the most recent changes.


  • It groups changes (e.g. groups changes made to a page, etc.)
  • Shows edits in all namespaces.
  • Shows deletion logs, and other logs.
  • It shows minor edits, however, that can be disabled by an option on its page.
  • Shows the time that the edit or change was made.

Basically, it shows all changes made to the wiki except by default bot edits, but that can be shown by an option.