The Pendant is a type of Divine Instrument in Ōkami Ura. It is the 5th standard type of weapon Ammy can use


Pendants are small floating statues. The amount of statues can come in varying amounts per weapon, but they always have at least one.


Pendants are yet another ranged weapon, and the last main ranged weapon in the game. Their main attack is sweeping around Amaterasu in a circle. This circle becomes a whirlpool and drags in demons, and the Pendant will sweep around and strike them. Once the whirlpool gets to maximum size, the Pendant will spin around faster and faster until it breaks, and Ammy has to wait for it to recharge. As a subweapon, the Pendant has no clear effect at first, but over time, it stores up some form of energy that releases when used. The power of this energy amplifies the longer it is not used.


  • Gami Idol: An artifact representing good in the world, as well as a tribute to the Celestial Brush Gods. Found in a chest in front of Ankoku Temple. Has an Exorcism Slip-like effect as a subweapon.
  • Purity Statues: A Pendant used by leading spirits to maintain the balance of light and darkness. Obtained from defeating Dark Kushi, the boss of the Castle of Spirits. Has a Vengeance Slip-like effect as a subweapon.
  • Smooth Moves: A magical instrument in Thunder lore. Given as a gift from Lady Lightning after returning her guitar. Calls down thunderbolts as a subweapon.
  • Kikuchakura: The ultimate ink pot- so powerful, that it radiates evaporated ink constantly. Bought from the Yangu Ink Shaman for ¥70,000. Has an ink-restoring effect as a subweapon.
  • Living Technology: A servant robot designed by the Moon Tribe and is also a really good medic. Acts as a Guidance source, meaning the whirlpool now can be directed anywhere. Found underground in the very, very bottom of Kasana Catacombs and held by Yugamichku, a secret boss. Restores health as a subweapon.