Pokemon vs. Ōkami (ポケットモンスター対大神?; Poketto Monsutā tai Ōkami) is the upcoming crossover of Pokemon and Okami, released in December 10 2013.


  • While in Okami World, the player can draw the symbolize Pokemon with his Okami Brush then create or fight against with Celestial Brush techniques.
  • Like the one of the two dimensional world Neptunia World which is Generation VI 2, they have more Pokemons which is called Generation VI Mao.


Prologue 1Edit

After since event of Okamiden, the Okami World was completely invaded by the forbidden Fatal Frame World and Siren World and Amaterasu tried to protect her world. However, she was completely turned into the statue by the powerful unknown enemy.

Prologue 2Edit

While journey during event of Shalour Gym Arc,

Story One: Dreadful VisionEdit

Story Two: Fatal of Project ZeroEdit

Story Three: The Forbidden SirenEdit

Final Story: The Final BattleEdit


Main PlayablesEdit

  • Calrem Joo

Playable AlliesEdit

  • Jack the Spidermonkey the 2nd
  • Pete
  • Charizard
  • Amaterasu
  • Chibiterasu


Brush GodsEdit


  • Za-Grudge

Story BossesEdit

Story OneEdit

  • Kirie
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Mr. Kurosawa

Story TwoEdit

Story ThreeEdit

Final StoryEdit

Story Final BossesEdit

Generation VI MaoEdit

  1. Muscho
  2. Musoucho
  3. Fungous
  4. Tazol
  5. Tauzold
  6. Tauzorald
  7. Koibubble
  8. Koibeam
  9. Koigados
  10. Feathaz
  11. Feathem
  12. Feathavier
  13. Peckan
  14. Peckings
  15. Orangworm
  16. Mealcoon
  17. Stagjos