The Spire is a new form of Divine Instrument in Ōkami Ura. It is the 4th weapon available in the main story.


Spires are a weapon based around pure speed. They are a group of four rocket-like boosters around Amaterasu's back and chest.


Spires are powerful and quick attackers, and are incredibly long-ranged, but do take some time to master as a weapon in combat. As a Weapon, Spires generate a massive boost of kinetic power, performing an infinitely more powerful version of Ammy's normal headbutt. Performing additional strikes causes Ammy to leap into the air, repeatedly launching enemies. As a Subweapon, Amaterasu leaps into the air and divebombs a nearby enemy.


  • Acoustic Demolition: A thunder weapon used in time of crisis. Obtained after defeating Mixmaster Disaster, the boss of the Thunder Core.
  • Snowflame Spire: A magical weapon used as a power source in Kamui, just in case something goes wrong. Obtained after defeating Crimsoni and Saphoni, the bosses of the Ezofuji Temples.
  • Autumn Thorns: Thorny boosters said to be made out of the cursed tree in Aki Plains. Can attack in a rapid-fire fashion as a main weapon. Bought from the Wasture Weapons Peddler for ¥55,000.
  • Glittastrophe: A completely bejeweled Spire. Found in the town dump of Uerujem Metropolis.
  • Starlight Symphony: This enchanted and beautiful Spire makes constant chiming sounds. Also acts as an infinite source of music for Harmony. Obtained by donating ¥60,000 for Mashurumu Island's Divine Spring.