The Striker is a new form of Divine Instrument in Ōkami Ura. It is the 3rd Divine Instrument Amaterasu can obtain in the story.


Strikers normally appear as a large bow that sits on Amaterasu's back, often with moving parts or added decorations.


The Striker is a highly potent long-range weapon,and is the strongest of the category. The primary function of this Divine Instrument is a large, chargeable arrow strike forwards. This arrow is very strong, and if charged enough, can pierce multiple enemies with a single shot. However, the weapon's downside is that it stinks at getting combos- but mostly its aim is a bigger problem, as fast enemies can dodge the arrow entirely. As a subweapon, the Striker fires off three smaller arrows in a spread shot. This spread shot can still be charged to do more damage, but will never pierce multiple enemies.


  • The Great Yarushi: A bow used by Yoichi before his untimely death. Obtained outside Agata Mountain.
  • Lightstrike: Said to repel darkness with its holy prowess. Obtained after defeating Muransa, the boss of the Mirror Shrine.
  • Sei'an Striker: A standard model bow used by Sei'an City's guards and warriors. Bought from the Weapon Dealer in Sei'an for ¥40,000.
  • Arrows of Ishaku: A powerful Striker crafted by Ishaku for use as a sacrifice- but would obviously work better as a weapon. Stolen from Ishaku before entering the Ezofuji Temples.
  • Feline Bow: A weapon honoring stability and cute cats. Also acts as a Kabegami statue to be used anywhere. Bought from the Wasture Desert Weapons Peddler for ¥80,000.