This story takes place shortly before Ōkami. It has to do with the Moon Tribe and the Sun Tribe, the Sun Tribe was not known of, since they were alot more shy about coming to Nippon.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Tsuki- Young member of the Moon Tribe
  • Taiyo- Young member of the Sun Tribe and Tsuki's friend.
  • Amaterasu- Goddess of the sun and companion of Taiyo and Tsuki
  • Issun- Celestial Envoy and companion of Taiyo and Tsuki
  • Isshaku- Companion of Tsuki and Taiyo when they go back in time
  • Shiranui- Same thing as Isshaku

Celestial Brush Gods (In order Tsuki and Taiyo meet them)Edit

  • Yomigami- God of Rejuvenation
  • Amaterasu- Goddess of Sunrise
  • Shiranui- Master of all Techniques
  • Tachigami- God of Power Slash
  • Kabegami- Goddess of Catwalk
  • Sakigami- God of Bloom
  • Hasugami- God of Water Lily
  • Tsutagami- God of Vine
  • Kyukogami