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Tridents are one of the six Divine Instrument classes in Ōkami: Yakuharai, and one of the three newer ones. Tridents are large triple-pronged spears. As a main weapon, they shoot boiling water in three directions. They are rapid fire like Rosaries as well. As a sub weapon, they blast boiling water at a demon. As an Ally Weapon (a new third weapon equipment where the weapon floats around Amaterasu and attacks on its own, as a helper in battle that doesn't need control), it floats around and uses Chimera-like boiling water to block most weaker elemental attacks from demons.


  • Steaming Bubbles: The first trident obtained. Obtained by defeating the Tube Foxes, minibosses of the Dragonian Caves.
  • Hotwater Spear: A traditional Dragonian trident used by the royal Dragonian Army. Grants Ink Bullets. Obtained from the Clay Merchant in the Spirit Gate version of the Dragon Palace Town, which is now always accessable due to Ishaku dying and Issun taking his place, and granting Amaterasu permission to access it whenever she pleases.
  • Yokai Shredder: The trident used by Ryujin. Obtained from defeating Ryujin, the "king of Dragons" who is the boss of the Whirlpool Galaxy, and the fifth total boss.
  • Grassy Fields: A legendary trident said to be the essence of the Shinshu Guardian Sapling made into a weapon. Grants Ink Bullets. Obtained from the merchant at Shinshu Field for ¥80,000.
  • Serpent Scale: The final trident that acts as a source of Aura. Obtained from Ryugami upon acquiring the Phoenix Flight technique.