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Turrets are one of the Six Divine Instrument types, and one of the three newer ones. Turrets are mini-statues or cannons that sit on Amaterasu's back. As a main weapon, they fire tiny bullets of some kind. They are the only long-range weapon. As a sub weapon, they fire three shots rather than a succession, and are short range that obviously work best at point blank. As an Ally Weapon (a new third weapon equipment where the weapon floats around you and attacks on its own, as a helper in battle you don't need to control), it floats around and fires three short range shots, like the sub-type, when in range.


  • Shogun Shards: The first turret you obtain. Exorcises evil with the intensity of a Feudal warlord. Obtained by defeating Shogun Imp (a Bud Ogre-like monster who is a japanese Shogun with a huge shield on it's back), a mini-boss in Ankoku Temple.
  • Snowflake Shards: A Turret used by demons for centuries. It has been purified by Amaterasu's pure heart. Grants Ink Bullet power and is obtained by beating Yukionna, the first boss, of Tsumetai Ruins.
  • Seashell Shards: A Turret given by Urashima. It was used by King Wada before his death and was passed on to Urashima for some reason. Obtained before departing to the Whirlpool Galaxy
  • Laser Cannon: A "turret" found in Moon Crater that is not an actual turret, but rather a cannon that fires beams. Obtained from a treasure chest in Moon Crater after doing the Moontree Shuffle with Mr. Asteroid.
  • Venom Shards: The final turret that acts as a source of poison. Obtained from Dokugami upon acquiring Acid Lily.